Announcement Shaming


Okay so something I see a lot of is announecement shaming on early first time moms. Not only does it happen to me regularly, but I see it all the time. A girl will have just gotten the wonderful news that she is expecting her first child. For some of these girls, it is something they have been waiting for for a long time. So despite only being so many weeks along, it is NORMAL to feel excited and want to share the excitement with friends and family.

The thing is, we understand how early on we found out the news. We understand that there is a chance of a miscarriage and we are even sorry if you have experienced one. However, that doesnt mean we need to be constantly reminded of the chances.

Constantly reminding us that a miscarriage could happen actually puts stress on our shoulders. We already know. We are doing everything we can to prevent it. So please stop. Chances of a miscarriage are low, especially if you do things right. So although the chance is there, although you experienced one, does not in any way mean that i am going to miscarry.

I want my friends and family to be excited with me right from the start. If I didnt tell anyone, how awkward would it be for you to have to explain, "Well I was secretly pregnant but my baby died and now im dealing with it."

And what would they even know to say? They didnt know what it meant to you and they wont know how to deal with it. If you tell them right away, you have a good support system. They will know what it meant to you and they will, in all honesty, be more sorrowful and comforting during your time of need. They will feel your loss with you.

So I say screw it! Tell everyone! Get all the support you can! Start buying gender neutral things! Girls can wear blue and red and a bow too! Girls can wear a baseball tee and leggings! You can never prepare too early. You should never feel ashamed of being happy. And dont sweat the stories you hear. This is you and your body. Stay positive!