So on my fb timeline

I see that bf liked a picture...okay its a picture of another girl. Specifically a girl that I never met but have heard things about her from him and seen previous texts between them. Nothing horrible but he’s dating me so I dealt with it told him don’t do that, I don’t trust her and he blocked her and stopped talking to her. That was 2 years ago. Well the picture she posted was of her in a bathing suit boobs out. Of course my bf liked it but then I see it’s from July!!! Like am I crazy? I checked and made sure it wasn’t posted recently so he had to have been stalking right. Like regardless even if I didn’t like her I don’t see why you would like a pic of a girl alien in a bathing suit, it’s just disrespectful. Do I call him out? Cause I got suspicious I went on the wrong phone carrier and saw he hasn’t texted her (Ik wrong but I don’t want to be blindsided) do I cal him out or what??? And she lives in a different state so he’s definitely not seeing her it’s just strange I guess especially since I only have a few fb friends and see everything he does likes/comment. Updat so now my bf who never deletes anything has no search history... which I’m assuming he purposely looked her up and didn’t want me to see so hid it