***UPDATE***Am I overreacting?

My boyfriend's brother's new girlfriend seems a bit too interested in my boyfriend to me. I may be overreacting because he has never brought a girl home and I know that she is trying to fit in but so far she has constantly made fun of him and after bf's brother did a little fashion show she asked my bf if he was going to do one too. I know that my man is only interested in me but I don't like girls near my man. 😒 Am I overreacting? Any thoughts?

***UPDATE**** I let my boyfriend know how I felt. He said that I am overreacting but he understands where I'm coming from since we both just met her about a week ago. I admit that I have done this in the past but the difference here is that I talked to him instead of keeping it bottled up. I do need to work on feeling threatened around other women. Especially when my man has never given me a reason to feel that way 😒