Your man is on phone with you then people THAT DONT LIKE YOU come into the room and starts talking to him. He ignores you for like 30 minutes while he talks to them but you guys are still on phone. Rude or no.

So my boyfriend and I were on the phone like we usually are and his brother and best female friend just walk in to his bedroom, no warning and just start talking to him. Now keep in mind that they strongly dislike me for like weird reasons. So they walk in mid conversation and just start talking to him. And they’re being childish like asking to play truth and dare and I’m just stuck there listening to them for like OVER 30 MINUTES JUST SITTING ON THE FLOOR LISTENING TO HIM TALK TO THEM. And my boyfriend doesn’t say anything. At all to me. And I got so fed up that I just told him I was leaving and hung up. Is this rude to you?

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