14 and miscarried 5 months ago

Darianny • Mommy to an angel baby 👼🏼7.21.17 “I never held you but I feel you,you never spoke but I hear you, I never knew you but I love you”.

I was in a very mentally emotionally and verbally abusive relationship a few months ago,I lost my virginity and became pregnant it was honestly a blessing to my life despite my young age ,my family was disappointed but they were all so supportive,my ex on the other hand alongside his father were trying to pressure me to get an abortion but I wouldn’t budge ,I had picked out names and I was so genuinely happy and then 4 days before my 14 the birthday on July 20th 2017 I foundout I had miscarried and the next day I had to get a d&c; at the hospital , my ex also broke up with me the day of my birthday which made matters worse, and left to Florida a week later, I’ve been deeply depressed since but I have a very happy personality which blocks my depression from showing but deep down inside I am hurting oh so much missing my baby who I never got to know ,or feel, or hear ,never got to know if they would’ve been a boy or girl, never even got to hear a simple heart beat ,it’s been so hard and I feel so alone, yes there are other women who’ve had miscarriages but I can’t find anyone with a story similar to mine ,I am truly alone 😞