How do you get your baby to settle themself in their crib?


We’ve had to lower the base of my nine month old daughter’s crib because she’s starting to learn how to stand now and the base was high enough up that I wasn’t comfortable with her standing up in there. I’ve always snuggled her to sleep, I love doing it and I love that she falls asleep feeling my warmth and love. When the base of her crib was on the higher setting, I could easily lower her down onto the mattress without waking her, but now we’ve lowered the mattress I know I won’t be able to lower her that far down without waking her (the side of the crib doesn’t drop down).

She self settles easily when she wakes up a little between sleep cycles through the night, but when she wakes up when we put her in the crib it’s a nightmare getting her to go to sleep. The cry it out method is all that’s worked for us so far, but I hate listening to her cry herself to sleep. Is there any other way? How do your babies just go off the sleep in their crib without crying? Giving her a bottle isn’t an option as I breastfeed and she refuses pumped milk in a bottle 😩