I had my IUD removed 12/13/2017! I spotted a little that day and started bleeding more heavier a few days after. In between those days my husband and I have been having sex because my sex drive has increased like crazy (which isn’t normal for me). 12/19/2017 was my husband’s birthday and we’ve been having sex every other day since then. 12/22/2017 I began to have pregnancy symptoms, nausea (which would go away and come back throughout the day), headaches, fatigue, itchy odor-less discharge, super hungry, cramping, etc.

I’m confused because I think I could be experiencing these symptoms due to the removal of my iud or I could be pregnant. I’ve read plenty of google finds pertaining to this subject from years ago. I have about 15 days left until my period should come. I want to wait until then before I take a test but then again the unknown is driving me nuts!

Have anyone else experience this recently? What were your outcome? We’re you pregnant or it’s it our hormones playing treats on us?