post a photo if you've went through a transformation :)


I mean either you are losing weight, gaining a pregnancy belly, had injuries or something which has happened and you want to share!

I had a horrific accident in July and am still recovering. Learning to walk again! I fell 22feet off a railway bridge and hit the concrete. It was caused by an allergic reaction to medicine which caused a hallucination which made me go to the bridge.

A fast recovery but a very tough one. All you guys are to be admired for sharing your story. Let's be strong together! *Update* wow guys thanks for all of your amazing, although sad, stories. I'm so sorry to hear about all the life difficulties you all face. I suppose it can only get better. Thank you.

I got the screw removed from my leg on Friday! Under a local anesthetic. It felt weird as hell. I kinda miss the screw... It was poking out a bit but now it's totally gone :( still recovering from all this! Keep us posted if you guys have any changes during your transformation. 😊😊