this is are last year!


Ok, so yesterday on Christmas my boyfriend and I got into a big fight. We fight all the time. I know that in my heart that we are done. But there is just something I keep holding onto to keep us together. That little thing well it's about broken to. So part of me just what's to go up to him and be like "I'm done trying I'm done being the only thing that is keeping use together." I'm having such a hard time with letting go. I want to but I have to wait till tax time so I can have a down payment on a new place. So from this day forward I'm going to save not spend keep all the money I can and get my own place and the day I leave him I'm going to look him in the eyes and say "I told you that things needed to change for us to be together." Then ima just walk out and not look back. I need to be strong I'm so tired of being weak.