TTC with lupus


My husband and I have been TTC for 2 years now. He’s been tested and has very mobile and healthy swimmers. I’ve had my fallopian tubes tested with the hysterosalpinogram (HSG) *which I want to add is very painful* and there were no blockages. I ovulate regularly but still 2 years have passed and no baby. I do have lupus and was on a medication for a while that is toxic for creating a baby. Ive been through chemo for 4 months 2 years ago and I’ve been off any toxic medication for 3 months now and feeling hopeful. We are on block leave from the Army for 2 weeks and have BD every day in my fertil window and a few days before. It just sucks because everyone in his family is either pregnant or has young kids. They always get spoiled and get special treatment and all I can see is my husband playing with them and I see how good he would be as a father. All I want to do is give him that chance. I’m hoping this time away from work for both of us will relax our bodies and make a baby! Baby dust to all of you ladies TTC.