If I (or you) were to go Walmart right now to get something to relieve or prevent your headaches what would you get?

Weird question I know! And this is kinda (unnecessarily) Lengthy! If you already know what you would do, you don't need to read...just answer...please😥!

But I've been getting headaches ALOT off and on. And I'm sure it's likely caused by something I'm doing...I'm pretty sure three of the many things that cause them are


•eating to much sugar

•not sleeping on a proper pillow which makes my neck hurt.

Again theirs likely many more things that could cause them...I do drink a lot of water FYI!

I'm struggling with it. I went to my neurologist and asked him at my 6month check up (for something else) he basically said

•get good sleep

•avoid hypoglycemia (which technically I have but I go through spells of it from time to time)

I am on a medication that actually supposedly is also a migraine and headaches preventative....headache preventive my ass!!!😡

I also try my hardest to avoid using any type of pain relievers if I can. I rarely drink any sort of caffeine. I know those can cause rebounds so I tend to only use them once in a blue moon.

I've tried peppermint oil and tea...only slightly helpful. Magnesium supplements to help prevent...didn't help prevent and made me tired. I avoid gum, using thinner pillows helps! But I need to buy new ones! And I'm looking into getting a daith piercing!

If you have any suggestions on how to prevent them that I can try. And maybe things that I can do that will help them go away that I haven't already tried...I would love you forever!!!