a very hard decision... sorry it's so long


Well, ladies...I made a decision. after trying for two years with my now ex husband with fertility meds and now with 6 donors agreeing and then backing out on me all this month one of them two days ago (I am almost positive I am ovulating today), I broke down yesterday not just from the ttc thing but other stuff as well. I told my wife that I never wanted to try again that clearly whatever higher power there is does not want me to have a baby. She suggested adoption but does not want to adopt an infant as it is very expensive and I'm not ready to adopt an older child. She agreed with my decision. We discussed just living our life for us maybe traveling the world. She is my rock, after asking me several times last night if I was sure she put a plan into motion without me knowing. This morning out of habit I reached for an opk to take but they weren't on the bathroom sink. She took the insemination kit and the opks and put them away somewhere that I couldn't see them and I didn't look for them. she is really the best thing that has ever happened to me. thank you all for your support but I think it is time to delete this app the best to all of you lovely ladies