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Okay so I got AF the 21st after getting what could have been an indent line or ridiculously faint colorless BFP which is what happened with my 7 year old.

AF ended up being lighter than usual (I typically get borderline hemorrhage periods lol and this was a decent medium flow) and is now gone, a day or two sooner than usual.

Now I was going to test and decided nah you’re a loony toon just leave it be.

BUT I decided to weigh myself at my in laws ( we don’t have a scale at home ) I GAINED 7 to 12 lbs in one month. It is not due to holidays cause let’s face it I eat like it’s a holiday every day lol and I actually have had less of an appetite lately than normal. Despite my unhealthy eating habits (I eat healthy off the whole food pyramid but I also eat lots of sweets and have stayed at 160-170 MAX for over a year.)

So now I’m like... take the test?? Help!

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