Dumb question, need opinions!

Cat • Little love born 11.26.19 after 2 years of TTC. First fresh round of IVF with ICSI successful ♥️

So I am 11 dpo with my period due on Friday. My period is typically a 28 day cycle and to the tee. I took a test yesterday and it was negative but today, I’m spotting. But only when I’m using the bathroom. I’m about to go to the doctor bc I think I have the flu and really don’t want to put a tampon in. I’m hoping this is implementation bleeding because I have ZERO cramps and usually know my period is coming based on how horrible my cramps are before.

But, based on my test yesterday, it could be my period 😭😭 I don’t have any pads or panty liners at home, just tampons. I’m thinking I just stick toilet paper in my pants while I’m gone, but if I did use a tampon and I’m actually pregnant, would I screw up anything?