Is it normal to have doubts? Read below


So I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 years. I’m 20 and he’s 22. I love him to death I really do, he’s so genuinely nice and sweet to me and would do anything in the world for me. But sometimes I feel bored and wonder what else might be out there?? He’s kind of shy and awkward which is a turn off for me but he has so many other amazing qualities.

We started dating when I was still in high school but I had sex with 6 people before him. He’s had sex with 4 people other than me. We are both bisexual and neither of us have really gotten to experiment because we’re both too jealous to try it with each other. We get along so great 90% of the time and the only thing we argue about is our lack of a super active sex life. I have a high sex drive and want it nearly everyday where as he would be fine with once a week or every other week. It’s caused so many arguments and we’re still working on fixing the issue.

I feel very comfortable and settled with him but part of me wants to be young and single and explore and I think he feels the same way... I don’t want him to resent me when he’s older because he never got the chance to be single and figure himself out. Anyone been through something similar or have any advice? I’d really appreciate it 😊

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