Newbie to TTC, CM?


Hey y’all.. so hubby and I (both 33 y/o) have been TTC since July. Surprisingly I was pregnant in August but, MC @ 4wks. We’ve been trying ever since without any luck.

Last month AF came 4 Days early, lasted 6 days. First time AF came earlier than usual in years so I’d say I’m fairly regular. I’ve been charting AF for years now.

So I started using OPK this month. Due to the holidays I didn’t test Dec 25 but, checked CM. Yesterday, it was a raw egg white texture so I’m guessing that’s a good sign indicating ovulation. Hubby and I 👌🏻👈🏻 😃 Today, I check CM and its raw egg white texture again.. so hopefully Hubs and I can get after it again tonight.. all good signs right?

I just stared using this app yesterday, had been following Flow which indicated my O day do be on 12/23 which my OPK didn’t match (OPK tested binky smiley face / “high”)

Just trying to figure it all out.. so any advise would be helpful. I tried charting BBT but, I’m a ditz in the AM and kept forgetting to test before getting out of bed 🤪

Thanks in advance! ✌🏻