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Okay ladies I need serious help. a little history, I've been watching my cousins kids for the past few months and I'm having a super hard time with the rates, currently I'm watching her 2.5 yr. old who isn't potty trained about 11 hours a day at least and her 8 year old about 27 hrs per week but when there's no school he's here the same amount of time, meals and snacks are included as well. Currently I'm charging $275 every 2 weeks for both combined and I feel like I'm shorting myself so bad, I can see it in my food bill especially. I live in nw Wa. state but childcare rates are all over the place, her family has a steady income that quadruples my families but still she's family. and I am an in home care so I feel like that makes a difference, so basically I need some advice on how to charge rates in this situation. any advice is greatly appreciated!