I know this is an odd topic for a place like this but we, my husband and I, are taking our three little boys to Disney in January. We leave the 16th (15 hour drive), get there on the 17th, go to Magic Kingdom on the 18th, Animal Kingdom on the 19th, and leave to come back home on the 20th. We are staying at the All Star Movie Resort. The boys are 5, 2, and 1.

If you have been with little kids, or even been in general... what are some things you would want to tell other guests. Where are the best quick service places to eat? What about things to do in Disney Springs? What are some must do things in the parks? What some things to do outside of Disney since we don’t have a park day on the 17th?

Any advice or suggestions are very much appreciated! This trip is for my 5 year olds 6th birthday so I just want it to be so fun for him!