baby didn't sleep


So I deliver last October and now my baby is going to be three months in few days. I've been over the moon & deep in hell all this time. My little one is doing great ,we are first timer so learning everything to raise her. The only problem we faced is the sleeping habit. She doesn't sleep in the house in day time. She is a deep sleeper in d night & she can stretch 4-5 hrs without feeding. In day time she don't sleep , with or without sounding. She doesn't like any noise in the house and she only want to stay with me or my husband body.As long as we put her down she awake.Funny enough, if we put her in stroller and go down to parking or streets, she started sleeping. She also sleep while shopping in the malls ( which is super loud noises around), & also she sleep while driving as well. We have done that and as soon as we come home she wake up. We've try low / high volume around her, TV, check on AC, over clothes, etc... she just don't sleep in the house at day time. We had no problem with night time sleep. Any idea how to put her sleep in day times.?