Long and cheesy but I can’t hold it in ☺️💕

Kellie • First time mommy to a babygirl named Lillie ☺️💕

I’m so in love with the way he looks at me and our little girl 😍 I’ve seen so many guys look at their significant others with so much love in their eyes.. when I see how he looks at me it just seems so right like everything has finally come together just as God planned.. he loves me so much and I say that because I can see it written all over his face.. there’s something different about the way he looks at me now that I’m carrying his little girl.. his love for me seems to have gotten so intense in these past 7 months.. I look in his direction and his eyes are either glued to mine or glued to my belly and boom there go the butterflies (or it’s just Lillie kickin me because she doesn’t know why my heartbeat starts shooting through the roof.. it happens everytime I look at her daddy).. my love for him has grown so much more since I’ve been pregnant and it’s because seeing the type of caring considerate loving man he is to me makes me know what an amazing dad and protector he’ll be to our princess and I can’t help but feel like I was meant to build a family with this man.. everything is falling into place just as it should and I honestly couldn’t feel anymore blessed 🙏🏼👨‍👩‍👧💕