What should I do


Okay so my ex lungs collapsed because he had walking pneumonia and was in the hospital he had to get surgery so I went up to the hospital and stayed with him for a couple of days and me and him had a real conversation about how we felt about each other but I had a guard up because I have trust issues so I didn’t really tell him how I felt even though he has asked mind you we dated for like 3 years so then he starts dating this girl and I don’t want him with her and I just found out he might have cancer what do I do if I’m still in love with him???

Okay so we break up because I have trust issues and I felt like it was to good to true and that’s my fault but I was also dealing with a miscarriage at the time by him so my emotions were all over the place we broke up in May of this year we started dating in 02/28/2015

As for the new girlfriend they just started dating like a month ago but she didn’t show up to the hospital until he had to get surgery

And as far as the cancer goes he does have cancer and starts chemo therapy in January