So in love 💕


Theres nothing more beautiful to me than how strong their bond is. I cant wait for her to be born and to see his reaction to meeting her for the first time.

Despite working overseas for the whole of my second trimester, its as if he never left. I didnt know how he would react seeing my huge bump. I was so nervous, but when he got home the first thing he did was say hi to baby, and then to me. He couldnt stop touching her, feeling her kicks and wiggles.

My heart melts when he talks about what he will do with her when she is old enough, the places he will take her, teach her to swim etc. His whole face lights up 😭

This pregnancy has been nowhere near easy, actually, the worst epxerience of my life, but moments like this make me forget every bad thing that I go through.

Less than 2 months before she arrives.