Difficult MIL-Help PLEASSSSE!!!!!!


So my MIL texted me today and asked if she could be present at the hospital when our daughter is born. Of course I said yes as she is the MIL but only wanted my husband in the room. She then starts asking if we were planning to have the other 2 kids present at the hospital while she is being born. I responded and told her it was up to my husband and his ex wife (who I completely get along with) on if they wanted their kids to miss school and not up to me. I was ok either way but I honestly thought it would be better if they came after so they weren’t just waiting around while I was in labor. Kids get bored easily and I have seen the way my MIL “watches” them. She doesn’t watch them at all...she kinda just lets them do what they want and doesn’t object to bad behavior.

My husband chimed in (since this was a group text between him, myself and his mother) and said that since my step-son obsess about EVERYTHING, it’s best the kids came to the hospital AFTER she’s born bc I am in the 90% range for C-Section (due to massive scar tissue) and doesn’t want my step-son there stressing as I will most likely have surgery. It would just create more stress and chaos than what already would be.

Between the 2 responses of my husband and I, she goes on to say that “just bc you’re the parents doesn’t mean you make the rules. She also acted like we weren’t invludingthe other 2 kids for making them qaitto come until after the baby is born. Seriously??? I get that she is the grandma and I respect that but I WILL NOT deal with that kind of drama or negativity after labor or surgery. I don’t wanna be mean but I would rather not have her there at all if that’s what she is bringing to the table.

Am I over reacting or do I have a legit reason to be pissed off?

Please help! I’m about to snap and lose my shit with this woman!!!