want some space

Kristin • 27 married army 2 girls ( 3 & 8 ) expecting our 3rd and final princess. recent miscarriage (04/24) we found out our rainbow is due 02/13/18 :)

so I feel awful for saying this but I can't take it anymore it's like I'm gonna bust lose on them. MY FUR PETS ARE DRIVING ME NUTS!!! it's like little things they do set me off which is odd because either love them as my own children. but towards the end of this pregnancy I have been not a dog lover I can't do the licking, sniffing, scratching and shedding omg I go bonkers. I have good moments I'll love on them and cuddle but once I feel their wet nose or tongue I go bonkers lol maybe the baby isn't an animal lover that's why I'm going nuts. lol pray for me these next few weeks I'm pretty sure my fur babies want their old momma back