Early Result


My husband and I have been trying for our rainbow baby since April well finally after my period in November I said screw it I'm not taking opk, no temps, no nothing I'm relaxing and just doing it for fun.. Well yesterday mid afternoon I started not feeling right like I was in a blur and completely off so I said to myself your period is due Friday it's probably that and went on the day. Well this morning at 3 I had to get up and go to bathroom so I'm like whatever I'm taking a test if it's negative then I'll if it's positive then it's a miracle. Well two lines showed up instantly.. So I call my Dr and she said it's frowned upon to take a test before your period so I should wait a week and take another test.. Seriously how much more positive do they want..

UPDATE: So I took another one when my period was due still positive.. So now waiting to see if my Dr wants me to wait and take another one clearly I don't does we getting a different answer