To New Mommies


It Gets Better. Yes it's Normal. It's normal for your little one to nurse every hour. It's normal for your little one to only sleep when held. It's normal for your sweet new baby to only want to be held. My heart actually breaks reading all the posts from new mom's desperately searching for validation, encouragement, and help. I wish someone could have told me the things I'm going to post here because it would have saved me hours of crying, hours of googling, hours of hopelessness. My baby is 6 months old so we aren't through all the tough stuff yet but I was there recently enough, that I think I have a good position to offer encouragement. I had a baby that I could not put down. From day 1, he would cry in that little plastic bin they put the new babies in at the hospital. He nursed CONSTANTLY. Nothing prepared for the nursing blur that was the first 3 months of life. He wouldn't sleep unless being held. So that's what we did, for 3.5 months, then one day he just started to sleep a little in his pack n play, then longer and longer stretches, now he wakes only to nurse and sleeps in the pack n play from 9:30 to 7. We didn't do anything. There were no epic habits to break, no battle of wills, we just went with whatever our babe needed. Also, after all that time of not wanting to be put down, my little boy wants nothing to do with being held (unless you're holding his hands to help him walk). He started crawling at 5 months and has not slowed down since then. So hold your baby, nurse your baby, cuddle your baby, because it gets better and it goes so heartbreakingly fast. I wish I could go back knowing these things. I would have spent so much less time trying to figure out a schedule, or wake times, or nursing times, or not starting "bad habits". It's all bull! I just want to encourage each of you! I want to tell you that you can do it! And finally I want to say congratulations!