Back labor?

I keep being told that because my back pain has increased significantly recently (at 40 weeks) I will probably be having “back labor.” I’m really concerned. Anyone have any stories of back labor that aren’t completely terrible? It’s freaking me out.

Included definition below for those who don’t know what back labor is:

“Back labor (less commonly called posterior labor) is a term referring to sensations of pain or discomfort that occur in the lower back, just above the tailbone, to a mother during childbirth.

Back labor may be noted when the baby is face up in the birth canal (occiput posterior), and not face down, so that the back of the baby's skull (occiput) is pushed against the mother's sacrum. But back labor can also occur when the baby is not in that position. The discomfort is often noted to be intensely painful, and may not completely abate between contractions.”