anyone on here that has IBS and can help me please

I just want to know what your symptoms were , did it run in the family, how painful would you say it is? and how long would you have the pain for , what did you do to help ease the pain my doctors think I could have this but I really don't think I do... im in far more pain then what they try and make out I'm in. it started since having my first baby .. 1 year ago and have been struggling since with this awful pain most nights I can't sleep I get scared sometimes thinking I won't wake up as it is so painful I can't describe it well enough of what it feels like. I struggle to poo also and have horrible pains above my vagina sometimes. i have been waiting to see another specialist which is taking ages.. and I have just found out I am 7 weeks pregnant so I am really worried I just feel like they are not taking me seriously as everyone I go there they just send me out the door.... I can't keep going on like this I've not felt right since 😭😭 and I know it can't be because of "IBS" and its taking so long just to get things done. I will respond back to the messages in here If you have any questions I would really appreciate the help

I also get pain that goes in to my chest in between my boobs