birth control

when I was 15 I had the birth control that's put in your arm (not quite sure how to spell it, it's the rod) then when I was 16 I asked for it to be removed due to health issues, they did not remove it but they started me with the depo shot so I was on 2 birth controls at once. I switched doctors and had the rod removed so I was just on the shot, then last year in august I stopped taking the shot and switched to the pill. after a few months I decided that I no longer wanted to be on birth control because everything I have tried has cause so many heath issues and trips to the doctor. idk how many times I though I had stomach ulcers due to the pain the rod caused me to have. so December of 2016 (last year) I stopped taking birth control all together. my periods have still been irregular all year and I'm not sure if I just had implantation bleeding or not. 😩