Do I have a drinking problem?

I just turned 21 at the start of this month. My mom asked what alcohol I wanted to try, and I gave her a few. I hated all of them except one. It was this almond milk baileys

We got a bottle and three weeks later, it was empty. I'm the only one who drank this. Because of that, my parents are making comments that make it sound like I have a drinking problem.

I never felt the effects of alcohol. Never nauseous, warm, dizzy, and they admit that I never acted even slightly out of character.

I tried it straight once, but it was far too strong, so I really only had it in hot cocoa (about a 1:4 ratio of alcohol to hot cocoa). (One glass of hot cocoa to me is a coffee mug, not a regular drinking glass). I never had more than one cup of spiked cocoa in a single night. I never drank before 8 pm.

Do I really have a drinking problem because I finished off a whole bottle by myself in that amount of time?

I also don't feel like I have to drink every night, I don't feel like I need it to "unwind" and I don't crave it

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