TTC after 5 week Miscarriage


Hey everyone!

So at the beginning of the month we found out we were pregnant (we were only ttc for 1 month) so we were a little shocked to see the 2 lines on the positive test.

I went to my doctor and she confirmed our due date for August 9,2018 and we were going to share the news with our parents on Christmas.

The next day after my dr app, I woke up with brown discharge and it didn’t stop all day.

I read A-LOT that day and many people said brown was nothing to worry about but it was a lot of brown and extremely consistent.

I went back to my dr and go a blood test and it was confirmed I would be miscarrying because my blood levels were so low and then it happened that weekend.

My doctor advised us to wait until I got a period to start trying but I’ve felt great and the mood struck on an ovulation day (I took a test).

-I have no idea if I am pregnant or not but just wanted to get all the info beforehand.

**Any other mamas out there who have conceived super quickly after a miscarriage? **