Custody & Support

Jae • 26👑

Out of curiosity (meaning this isn’t a situation that I personally have 💁🏾‍♀️)

- How would you split custody if you & the father of the child(ren) were no longer together? How would you split cost? (Without using any court system)

Do you think it’s fair for the father to pay half of the rent and bills in the mother’s house? How do you determine what the father pays and how much? How you agree what’s fair?

Certain things are simple such as splitting daycare fees, Health insurance, birthday parties, etc but what about all those things that you can’t necessarily add up such as clothing, school events, even the cost of food goes up when you have more than one mouth to feed, what about babysitters? What if your car breaks down? Leave from work for emergencies?

Or is it just easier to just assign an amount per week that the father pays?

- Me personally I would probably agree to have the non custodial parent pay half of the house hold bill without the exchange of any they money. Having a child is a 2way thing so you really can be tit for tat with the cost of raising a child but I would imagine having someone take care of half of your major bills would be a good compromise. I understand that he has a life of his own that require bills & maintenance but I think it would be easier. Assuming I was providing all the of the children’s clothes, shoes, etc. I would think then we wouldn’t have to exchange any actually funds because I’d have to imagine there would be an a good amount of money you’d save by splitting bills. In this idea there isn’t split custody, there’s just weekend visits and every other holiday time sharing. If custody was a 50/50 split I could assume things would factor in differently 🤔

Or would you go with the traditional let’s say “$500-600 per month” which I would think would increase or decrease with the child’s age.

There are no wrong answers here, I’m just curious. I know this topic can affect different people in many different ways.

What would be the perfect situation for you?