My birth story! Finally...

crystal • Loving life with my prince Isaiah!

I’ve been so caught up with my little stinker who will be one month on Thursday and I’m truly blessed! But I never got to tell my story! So here we go:

So nov.30th I went In around 9 to get prepped for my csection. I was originally supposed to go in the night before at midnight but the hospital had called me and said “a lot of women had gone into labor.” So they rescheduled for the next morning. They also tried to blow me off when I showed up at 9 and said it would be pushed back until the evening but since I was “already there” they would go ahead and do it. So I went and showered and washed my belly. I took my last pregnancy selfies which I will include below and i sat down and got started with the last of my paperwork An we got the iv running just to make sure I was good on fluids. As time passed I got nervous so my mother in law came up to the hospital while me and my husband waited. We took pictures and I sat on the bed mentally freaking out that I was literally going to have a baby within a few hours. Well after talking and telling stories the nurse came in and said “okay we’re good to go we’re just waiting for your doctor.” And for a split second I thought to my self “its literally too late to say never mind and go home so don’t be a pussy and cry now.” 😂 then literally two minutes later my doctor walks in and goes “okay so today we’re having a baby, let’s go.” And we started walking to the OR. I was so nervous but yet content because my doctor has done this a million times. So I got on the table and the anesthesia doctor came up behind me and said he needed me to curl up and grab the nurse in front of me. Which I did and first he cleaned my back and then felt for the bones and spaces. Then he said quick pinch ... that was the easy part. Then the big push. He put the spinal in my back and it was too far to the right so it sent shocks down my right leg and into my toes and it hurt so bad I grabbed the nurse by the arms and yelled. So then he moved it to the left but I still got shocks down my right side. He said that meant we where getting close so I grabbed the nurse tight and she hollered because I hurt her arms 😂😂 but then they laid me back and I was too high on the bed and they asked me to move down more and of course I said “sure no problem.” But my legs wouldn’t move at all. I kept trying and id ask “am I moving yet?” And they all said the medicine worked fast. Then they put up the curtain and turned on the radio and started going. I don’t know what the heck they where doing I just heard a lot of noises. But I started gagging as they cut me open so the anesthesia doctor gave me a bag and started talking to me and explaining things to me to try and calm me down. Then about 20 minutes later they brought my husband in , but he saw all my organs and the cut and turned white like a ghost and that’s a whole shade literally considering he’s Hispanic 😂. He talked to me and held my hand and the anesthesia doctor leaned over and told me my baby was half way out and that it was going to be a little rough really quick but I was telling my husband a story so I was focused on finishing that and then the room got really quiet... and all I heard was my doctor yell “THATS A BIG BABY!” (My son was 8.8 pounds and 39 Weeks) And I heard his cry and I burst into tears thanking god for what he had given me. Then the nurse walked around and showed me him but I was still kind of loopy so I was confused at who’s baby that was ! Then I realized it was mine and they put him on my chest. It was truly an amazing feeling. Now my baby is almost a month old and I’m thinking back on the day. ❤️ congrats to all the mommy’s out there. We’re truly blessed.