Just decided to TTC!!

I am really torn right now. My husband and I decided that we are both ready to try for a baby, and we are both thrilled. We may not be in a perfect situation, but if we wait till it's perfect it'll never be the right time. The issue I'm running into and am very upset about is this: we had plans to move out of state and get a rental house with a very good friend of ours so that we can save, and still have some space and have a yard for our dogs. We had brought up the idea of, ya know, what if I accidentally get pregnant and he said he was ok with that. But now that we are going to actually try to, it's a different story. He said he wants to think about it first and I'm concerned it'll be a no. I feel bad, if this doesn't work out it'll be on us. but given some career choices I'll be making, if we don't try to conceive soon then I'm looking at probably 3 to 5 years before we can again. I guess, I'm asking if anyone here has roommates and are TTC? Or anyone with advice on how to proceed? I could wait, it just puts me out so much longer. and I *just* had my IUD removed today to start trying!! Maybe I'm just looking for some words of encouragement. Sorry for the rant, thanks anyone who read to the end!