Trust your gut

Elena • Working mom of a 7 year old with special needs and a baby girl born in May

Short backstory: my husband is a store manager- most of the other store managers are women- most of his employees are women. It’s the nature of his job; I on the other hand work in a male dominated field. So I get how it is working with the opposite sex.

There was an old manager he knew from when he worked across the state over a decade ago and he asked if he could catch up with her and a few others after a manager meeting. I said, of course. Because, why not.

Fast forward two months:

He’s working a lot, which is typical for Christmas time. We also have a 7 month old so life is crazy. I feel like there’s something wrong, but there’s nothing out of the ordinary really. We’re not having sex as often as I’d like, but we had a baby and it’s christmastime so, that’s probably why. I tend to get a little depressed around Christmas with all the stress and having to do pretty much everything since he’s working so much and my job shuts down for Christmas until after New Years.

Something still feels off. Tonight he got up with the baby since I couldn’t get her down. I decide to look at his phone- there’s a message from a woman I don’t recognize the name as one of his employees so I look at it and find a picture of breasts and her asking him to warm them up for her.

I didn’t really read much else- so I confronted him.

Apparently they flirted that night and have been flirting over text ever since. He said he knew it was wrong but didn’t really know how to end it.

She’s married too- with two kids and I believe she’s older than him.

It never went beyond flirting and sending pictures.

I’m so lost.