Idk if I'm wrong or not

Idk if I'm wrong for being upset about this. but my sister has my old bed. and I haven't slept in this bed in 2 years. I moved out with my boyfriend. well we were visiting my dad and my sister brought up how the bed she sleeps on, I've had sex on before. mind you me and my boyfriend never had sex on it. and now my boyfriend is calling me nasty cause I had sex in a bed my sister sleeps on. which happened over 3 years ago!! I feel like he's overreacting cause we've had sex in other people's bed.. so it's like WTF. Idk how he can be mad at me! and I wrong? update. so now I'm a a dumbass that he's lucky he didn't catch something from me. he's saying this because other people have had sex in this bed. Idk what to do. we have been fighting so much. he gets so upset about the porn I watch too. like I've messed and lied about stuff like how many times I orgasm. if I got off once sometimes I'd tell him twice. but I feel like he's always overreacting. Idk what to do. I love him so much, it's just so hard to deal with sometimes