Sleep training?


I have heard many people say to start sleep training at 4 months which I plan too. Our baby girl will be 3 months old on Wednesday and 90% of the time she falls sleep by 10 or 11. Is that going to be an issue that I have Just been letting her fall sleep when she’s ready which is usually that time or should I have been trying to get her to sleep earlier to go with my schedule? Once she falls asleep she does really well during the night waking up every 4 hours to eat then falls right back to sleep. There are a few nights where she is wide awake u till 1am. Also she does well sleeping in the bassinet but I have been trying to really enjoy my time with her before I go back to work and have been letting her sleep on me for extra cuddles for the last couple nights of my leave. I stay on the couch of course :)