Implantation bleeding or AF?


So I think its a little gross to post pics of my dirty toilet paper so I'm not doing that but let me describe what's been happening and you all tell me what you think? My boyfriend and I have been trying for a baby for only a short while and this will be my first when/if it happens so I have no idea what to expect or think. We had sex twice around when I believe I was ovulating, once he ejaculated and once he didn't (closer to ovulation). I was pretty confident that there wasn't much of a chance I was pregnant but now I'm not so sure. I am about 10 or 11 DPO and about 2 days until I should be seeing AF. TBH I would not even be testing or taking this seriously except that several days ago my boyfriend told me that during sex he got the feeling I was pregnant and he had been thinking about names. Just felt a little weird about it because we had had a lot of unprotected sex before that comment and in theory it could be true so I decided to test. I took a blue dye test which definitely showed a vfl that was blue (this was 2 days ago), but then took a pink dye test yesterday which showed no line at all. I was discouraged and then I started getting cramps that felt like AF, I was just like...."Ok, guess that's the end of that." but then when I looked it was dark brown and a lot lighter than my period usually is. Also I'm nauseous, and seems like I have gas for no apparent reason. I feel like I'm in just the right time frame for implantation but I'm not sure if I'm mistaken...I just wanted some opinions from others. Regardless I was planning on waiting until my projected period day and taking another test if I don't have my usual heavy bleeding, but what do you guys think? Should I seriously consider I might be pregnant?