Not all daycares suck


Just a little brag post. Our daycare has earned a reputation and we are adding more classrooms because people want in. Especially infants. This will be the 3rd infant room added. I tried to mark out the name of the daycare I work in because I don't see a reason for that info to be on here. But this is a post on our "group" Facebook page by our bosses boss. I think the only major problem our daycare has ever had is that there's no room! So many people want to enroll their kids but we never have spots open. Again, especially babies. Babies be falling from the sky here.

I really love my daycare. I take care of babies and as someone who works there, if i had a baby I'd be fine with leaving them there.

Yes there's some crappy daycares and I've worked in them but the one I'm in now is amazing. The staff is amazing and the kids love them. It's not perfect, I don't think it's possible to be perfect. But everyone try's their best and my boss really tries to hire good people and is good with handling not so good people.

So just a little reminder that not all daycares suck. Ours is the most popular in its town and the surrounding towns. I am so proud of my little daycare. If you're looking for a daycare and your nervous, find and talk to the parents of the children that attend that daycare and see what they have to say. Look at the reviews of the daycare and the star ratings.

Daycare in general just has a bad rep.

Yes I know there's multiple typos in this post but I don't think I care right now.