Ambulance and All

Normally I wouldn’t share my birth story. I didn’t when my son was born after a long 26 hour start to finish birth, but my second time was a little different, so here goes. 
At midnight I started cramping. Told my huband to get some sleep just in case. I couldn’t sleep so I cleaned the house up a bit. 3 am I finally fell asleep. 6 am I woke up and felt contractions but they were 12+ minutes apart and not strong. Got my son ready for daycare, dropped him off, picked up biggby, and got back around 8:30. 
When I got back told my husband he could go to work for a couple hours, I was going to to take a bath and relax and would call him in a couple hours (he was only working 10 min away). He went to take a shower and I started making breakfast. By the time he got out of the shower my contractions went from 10+ part to less than 2.  I told him to call 911. I felt like I had to push so I laid down on the living room floor and waited. Luckily we live close and they got there fast. My husband is a firefighter so he works with the paramedics that responded.  They told me they didn’t know if we would make it to the hospital. Lights and sirens going they hauled it to the hospital. We ended up making it, I was crowning in the elevator on the way in. They got me into a bed and had me push once and she was out. My daughter Bailey was born 35 minutes after calling 911.
Long story short, my second labor was nothing like my first. I’m glad I had my husband call 911 when he did. Lastly, it’s awkward/funny at the firefighting/paramedic Christmas party after you have labored in front of all your husbands coworkers 😂