Brieanna β€’ Mommy to Jaxson 😍

After 12 hours of laboring and 2 hours of pushing (unmedicated!!!) I ended up with my son, Jaxson Avery born at 6 pounds 7 ounces 20 1/4 an inch long! (I’m only 4”11 by the way so he was pretty long) Not gonna lie pushing hurts lol. But I thankfully had my fiancΓ©, his mother, and my mother there to help. As well as my midwife. I would never wish for my labor to go any other way, I did it how I wanted, unmedicated and with the best birthing team I could have asked for!❀️

After my skin to skin time they moved me to a recovery room where I would stay for 3 days! (Positive for group B, Have an auto immune disease, and had postpartum hemorrhaging and lost too much blood) But it’s now 11 days later and we are home and doing well, getting breast feeding down and spending all day with mommy and daddy while we have the chance, remember they are only this little once!❀️

I’m so in love with my tiny little human!❀️

9 months pregnant!! πŸ€ͺ

11 days postpartum!!😊