Getting Period Back

Annah • happily married✨💍 + ttc

So for a long time, a few months, I didn't have any sort of period. No spotting nothing. Even though my fiancé and I started practicing abstinence right before that time, I checked and I wasn't pregnant. Just to be sure.

Well after a few months of nothing I determined it was my weight gain probably and the Internet seemed to confirm it. I've been diagnosed with endometriosis in the past so that probably didn't help either. In October I had about four days of spotting. Then came recently. I'm including a picture of my current <a href="">Eve</a> log.

The first two period weeks I logged were light. And I mean light enough to not need a tampon or pad or anything. And mainly old blood it seemed. Basically all that happened was when I went to the restroom I wiped and that was it. TMI, but that's what this place is for.

This period started out that way. With a few clots kind of thrown in that weren't there the other times. And now I woke up at two AM just couldn't sleep and by 3 something I feel a weird feeling and realize that I definitely am getting some sort of full on period. And I go to the bathroom and it's insane how much blood. It's back to my normal endometriosis periods I used to have.

So basically my questions are: do I need to go see a doctor soon or am I fine? Is my body just regulating and going back to what it was before? Should I be worried about anything more serious?

Thanks for the help.