Crazy in laws


Me and my SO are trying for a baby and I’m so excited and ready to have a baby. I’m not pregnant yet But I’m not sure I’m ready for what’s going to happen with his family when I have a baby. I already made it clear that on the day I only want my husband in the room and she’s completely flipped out and started saying well that’s part of her and she’s going to be there but we don’t at all have a good relationship.

My mil and fil have both tried to break up me and my so right before our wedding and tried to accuse me of cheating while my husband was in boot camp. He knows I haven’t but i have read text messages that my fil sent my husband saying don’t ever trust me if I get pregnant and make sure he gets a test to make sure it’s his. And I haven’t at all gave them or my husband a reason to ever believe I would cheat I was even living with them and working with his mom when they tried to accuse me of that. I seriously had no way of ever being alone for that to even happen.

But anyways I’m just scared because his mother and father is a little obsessive about their kids and I don’t want them to be around when I give birth or for that long after. But I also don’t want my husband thinking I never want them to see their grandchildren.

Who knows hopefully things will change by the time i actually get pregnant. And if they don’t then I at least live 20 hours away 🙌🏻

Anyone else have horrible in laws??