Long long long rant. I have no idea what to do anymore.


Sorry for the long post. Its rare I'd ever moan about my other half as usually we barely even bicker but ever since I found out I was pregnant hes been really off with me or so it feels. I had a misscariage two years ago and during the 12 weeks before that he was so happy and excited. This time.. idk feels different, I meerly asked him to help me as I have sciatica (I've had this since my son from a previous relationship) and its playing up badly atm and he turned on me telling me to man up and generally being horrible. I've been really sick and in a lot of pain recently so I didn't think it was very nice. Then just the other day we ended up bickering about something and he said he could quite easily walk away and have nothing to do with me. I was shocked, like wtf why would you even say that... He did apologise and say he didn't mean it but why would you even say that ?! I only work part time where as he does full time, hes never at home, doesnt spend any time with me or my son and I just can't understand it, why has it all changed since becoming pregnant... if he didn't want to be involved I wish he'd just say but he claims he does and he wants to be there for me and my son. Baring in mind we've been together almost 6 years and never has he ever been like that with me.. I dont know what to do.