Miscarriage?? In need of opinions


I’m gonna give as much info so anyone with knowledge or similar experiences can reply....I took a pregnant test at 9 dpo and 10 dpo both were negative....I started spotting at 11 dpo (Friday 12/29) and I started Saturday morning 12 dpo with expected period on Sunday 12/31 so I just thought I was starting early which usually does not happen. I’m usually 27 or 28 days like clockwork. So I thought everything was normal but then I was at Target and felt super wet. Got home and saw that I soaked through a super tampon and my underwear in 1.5 hours (thank goodness I was wearing black pants). When I got home a very large...probably the size of golf ball maybe bigger cane out of me. It scared me a little because that has never happened to me before. So I am now freaking out bc I know it could mean something worse but also wondering if it could be a miscarriage. We have been trying for 9 months and use preseed. Thanks ladies!