Too scared to test

I’m not sure where to post this but just have to get this out and know what a bunch of supportive people we have here.. We had our first miscarriage October 14th at 6.5 weeks of this year (have an almost 2 year old daughter). I got my first period after Thanksgiving and my husband and I have been talking about what our plans were on trying again. I have been on the fence about trying immediately after getting that period... I was then approached to chaperone a service trip to Costa Rica and saw this as a rare opportunity that I wouldn’t have had if pregnant! Hubby and I decided to wait until the summer before trying again. Of course we have been intimate through this time but using the pull out method. I am now a day late with some early pregnancy signs and scared to find out we have another babe. The Costa Rica trip is less then a week away!

I’m so sorry if this seems insensitive to anybody.. I just am so tired of being stressed and feeling like I’m dealing with this alone.