recovering victim


hi, I'm jerilyn. I'm a recovering vicinity of all levels of abuse, mental, physical, and sexual. all from one spouse. I was with him for 7 years. he has been seamed sadist masochist. I still struggle with ptsd from him. thankfully I have a husband now that has also been a victim of emotional and mental abuse from his mother. my husband now, william, is so understanding, caring, and helpful when I'm having bad days. we have been together 5 years now, married 2. went a few years feeling really recovered and just the past month ptsd really flared up like I just left him yesterday. during the relationship with the sadist there was also the loss of my daughter,I was 5 months pregnant, he drugged me and ended the pregnancy without my consent. maybe that is what is causing the flair up idk. after new year I'm seeking professional help. but I'm so glad i left. if any advice I can give it's do NOT hesitate to leave! there is help and protection out there! they will NOT win!