Questions for Religious based Pro-Life people.


Hi! My name is Blake and I want to ask some questions for Pro-Life people who side with that group based on religion. I did see someone else do something similar so I want to ask some questions myself.

I mean absolutely no offense at all! I believe both sides should have civil conversations to understand each other and I just want to take a peak on the other side.

So I have noticed that most people who believe Abortions are wrong tend to have more religious arguments to back that up. If any of you are willing to answer these questions to help me understand that would be lovely, if you have any questions for me I will answer (I'm not looking for a debate here just a conversation)

1- From what you know Religiously speaking is there any justifiable reason to abort?

2- Do you believe life starts at conception because of personal beliefs, science or religion?

3- Do you think Abortions should be illegal to some degree based on religion?

4- If you said yes to the above question.

(If this question is to debatey for you feel free to skip/ignore. Yet again I'm not trying to upset anyone. Just to understand)

In Buddhism one of the key rules is to do as little harm to the world as possible so many Buddhists so they often time convert to Vegetarianism / Veganism. If a politician who was also Buddhist where to try to ban meat eating because it's against their religion would that be wrong? If so why is it okay for abortion to be outlawed based on religion?

Okay I do apologise if any of these where to offensive or too debatey. I mean absolutely no offense.

I hope everyone has a lovely day and your God(s) light shines on all of you brightly. If your not religious I hope you have a nice day also!