Just wanted to share my story ...


Cant explain how much I can relate to this post 😍

I found out I was pregnant on the 11th may 2027, after 18 months of trying thinking it will never happen. It finally did!

I couldn't quite believe it. Told my mum, my partners parents everybody was so excited. Had a fantastic few weeks everything was fine, went to my midwife, booked my 12 week scan! Everything was great. No sickness no cramps etc.

11 weeks pregnant I am sat having a chat with my mum, I go upstairs to the toilet and wipe and there is blood, a tiny spec but blood. I shout my mum who tells me to keep calm because she had this when she was pregnant and everything was fine. Called my partner called the doctor. Went to see somebody who sent me to the gynaecology ward. They checked me over but no scan till another 2 days. Her words "everything looks fine your cervix are closed, I can't see the problem don't worry". The bleeding stopped.

I go for my scan, still hoping everything was fine, the nurse said so, no bleeding coming from my cervix. I lie on the scan table, she gets ready, I look at her face and I can tell already it's bad news. She tells me baby was 10 week 2 days, only a few days ago. She shows me the screen and there is my baby, fully formed I see its arms and legs, it's head.

I am trying for another baby now! My rainbow was due 11th January 2018. So right now I should be ready to pop. Fingers crossed January brings another surprise 🌈