Help !


Has anyone had anything similar so I’ve been ill randomly on and off for two months now, had numerous meds and tests done by docs and they keep just throwing different meds and possible reasons to why I’m sick . I have regular long cycles been ttc for two years I am ovulating November my period was different I bled one day then it dissapeared for 3 days and then came back for 3 days and then December I only bled abit for one day on Wednesday the 20th I got positive test 25th Christmas Day and positive and negatives Boxing Day ! Booked app at docs they did urine test at lab that said negative . I’ve lost over a stone from no appetite and only wanting cold food from Nov to December I was sick randomly for two months now even today and yesterday. I’m badly bloated all the time and suffering bad indigestion. 🤷🏻‍♀️ the docs seem to just not take me serious and as most I keep holding on to those positive tests I got !